Southwest Florida EggFest

March 3, 2018
349 W Dearborn St
Englewood, FL 34223
10AM - 3PM

2018 Southwest Florida Egg Fest Schedule of Events

6:00 am- 8:00 am

Cooks arrive and prep


9:00 am

Lighting of the Eggs


10:00 am

Doors open to the Public


11:00 am - Demo Class

Chris Gentry


Chris Gentry

Chris is a North Carolina native who grew up admiring his mother as she mastered her cooking skills in the kitchen. He furthered that knowledge through over-the-top tailgates at East Carolina University, with family and friends, while smokin´ whole hogs. While living in eastern North Carolina, Chris also learned the unique flavor and method of mopping meat with a vinegar-based sauce. In addition to his diploma, Chris left North Carolina with a desire to create his very own mop sauce recipe.


After moving to Florida, Chris explored various BBQ cooking techniques ranging from the Big Green Egg to drum smokers. It´s on these various grills and smokers that Chris has developed countless recipes ranging from his French toast bake and bacon mac ‘n cheese, to bacon apple pie and signature pulled pork. But, none more important than his mop sauce recipe. Throughout his tailgates and cooking events, the biggest question Chris is asked is what is the unique flavor in his pork. The secret? Mop sauce.


Chris turned a dream into reality by taking his signature mop sauce and bottling it for the public. Named Roscoe´s Mop Sauce (a tribute to his late Basset Hound), this vinegar-based sauce is flavorful, unique and versatile.


Chris uses Roscoe´s Mop Sauce routinely while smoking pork butts low and slow, as a marinade on chicken, to pickle veggies, as a beef brisket injection, and condiment-style to add extra flavor to sandwiches or stand-alone meats.


Chris, a certified Florida BBQ Association judge, frequently participates in Big Green Egg events and BBQ competitions throughout Florida.


12:30 pm - Demo Class

Marcia Simmons


Marcia Simmons

Marcia, an avid Egghead since 2006, cooked at her first Eggfest in 2014. Since then she has been traveling all over the southeast region sharing recipes, meeting great people and having fun. She was awarded a Large Big Green Egg as the winner of the People’s Choice Contest at the Tampa Eggs By the Bay Eggfest in 2016 to make her the proud owner of a total of 4 Big Green Eggs! She teaches classes at dealerships and performs demonstrations at Eggfests regularly.


Dubbed "The Queen of Green" by the recipe critiquing coworkers from her job as an IT professional at a large financial firm in the St. Petersburg area, Marcia recently formed her own business as The Queen of Green, LLC in 2017. Website coming soon! She provides personal chef, mobile catering and personalized komodo cooker instruction services.


Come see her demonstration of Big Green Egg Wok cooking techniques at the Southwest Florida Eggfest!


2:00 pm - Demo Class

Big Green Craig


Big Green Craig

Craig, or Big Green Craig as he´s affectionately known in the BBQ community, is a chef playing the role of a backyard BBQ warrior. His slogan, "there isn´t anything I won't grill" is a dead-on representation of how he approaches outdoor cooking. Craig has mastered the BBQ staples such as pork shoulder, brisket and ribs, but his skill and commitment to all foods coal-fired extends to chef-inspired dishes such as Beef Wellington, Paella and sushi. Yes, he has made grilled sushi before!


Craig is an equal opportunity griller. He owns five Big Green Eggs, a Kamado Joe, a Flo Kamado, a Rec Tec Pellet smoker and the classic backyard staple, a Weber Kettle. With that said, his true passion is cooking on the Big Green Egg, the reason for his internationally-known moniker. Craig has won the national Big Green Egg festival´s top honor (Eggtoberfest´s People´s Choice Award) in back-to-back years.


Craig can be found on the web at, on numerous BBQ forums under the handle BigGreenCraig or on Instagram under the same name where 42,000 followers drool with each daily upload from the grillmaster himself.


3:00 pm

End of Cooking.


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Clean out and load up pre-sold demo eggs


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